Resplendent Order of Twilight's Harmonious Embrace

The Resplendent Order of Twilight’s Harmonious Embrace is both an informal religious order and a social commune that formed at an abandoned Stanton Mining facility (Stanton Company Mine Eight) and makes heavy use of the semi-legal drug Twilight, Terran marijuana and some members indulge in a range of more questionable mind altering substances.

The order is composed mainly of former miners and related professions who ‘dropped out’ of mainstream society of Argyre and the surrounding mining operations. Many are now Twilight addicts and would have diminished capacity to operate in normal lighting.

The order is strictly pacifist, pursuing ‘the mellow’ and ‘the embrace of Twilight’. They view the lowlands as a paradise when seen through the eyes of Twilight, and refer to it as the promised land. They also hold a prophecy that through Twilight and spirituality they will lead the way to exploring the lowlands of Strata while technology is doomed to fail.

The commune was conquered (easily) by gun-runners and smugglers. After liberation by Lt. Samara Hellstrom and Hellstrom’s Hellions the order has founded a commune in the Old Quarter of Argyre. They have also sent seekers to replace the Twilight plant destroyed by ‘the third foretold despoiler’, Layne-Lars Kinnesson.

Resplendent Order of Twilight's Harmonious Embrace

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