The Jaguar-4R is a prototype light quad battlemech recently developed on Strata. The Jaguar-4R is a jump capable sniper battlemech carrying an ER PPC as its main gun.

Recently redesigned after trials and actual combat against medium ’mechs, the Jaguar has downsized its engine from a 210XL to a 175XL, and utilized the weight savings to replace the ER PPC and auxiliary weapons with two ER Large Lasers, ECM and Flamer. This allows for the ability to advance to a firing position without being noticed and excellent ranged firepower, along with potent anti-infantry capabilities.

Type: Jaguar
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Tonnage: 35

Internal Structure: 2T ( Design House Rules)
Engine: Fusion 175XL (Mass 3.5)
-Walking MP: 5
-Running MP: 8
-Jumping MP: 5
Heat Sinks: Double x12 (Mass 2.0)
Gyro: Standard (Mass 2.0)
Cockpit: Standard (Mass 3.0)
Armour Factor: 112 (Mass 7)

Location Structure Armour (Front) Armour (Rear)
Head 3 9 -
Center Torso 11 16 6
Left Torso 8 11 5
Right Torso 8 11 5
Left Front Leg 8 13 -
Right Front Leg 8 12 -
Left Rear Leg 8 12 -
Right Rear Leg 8 12 -

Equipment Location Critical Tonnage
ER Large Laser Left Torso 2 5
ER Large Laser Right Torso 2 5
Flamer Head 1 1
ECM Rear Right Leg 2 1.5

Weapon Damage Heat Min Short Med Long
ER Large Laser 8 12 - 7 14 19


Operation Raven Ristin Raynulf