Battle Armor - HM1 "Hellstorm"

Medium Battle Armor - Hellstrom/Morosov Mk1 "Hellstorm"


Type: Medium Battle Armor (variant of Inner Sphere Standard), Mass: 1000 kg
Armor: 10 pts Standard Tactical Armor (BAR 9/8/8/7)

Ground Movement: 1 mp Tactical, 15m/round Personal
Jump Movement: Jump 3mp Tactical, 45m/round Personal

Manipulators: Battle Claw (left), Armored Glove (Right)


  • Modular Weapon Mount + Machine Gun (Right Arm) 150 Rounds (total)
  • Vibroaxe (Right Arm, attached to machine gun)
  • Search Light (Torso)
  • AP Weapon Mount + Heavy Grenade Launcher (Left Arm) 20 Grenades ©

Weapon Data:

Weapon Range AP Damage Heat
Magine Gun (Tactical) 1/2/3 - 2 0
Machine Gun 30/60/90/120 6B 6B -
Grenade Launcher† 20/60/150/250 6X 10A -
Vibroaxe Melee 9M 8 -
Battle Claw Melee 5M 6 -

†Burst 5, Recoil -2. Stats are for HE grenades, however other Category C ordinance are available.

The operator of a Hellstorm suit can move the machine gun (and vibroaxe bayonet) clear and wield a one handed melee weapon or ranged weapon, but typically a Heavy Stun Baton
Base Damage 2E/6D
Suit Bonus 3M/3 at +3 to martial arts and +2 to melee weapons
Total 5E/9D at +2 melee weapons

Variant Design
The HM1.1 “Hellstorm” also known as the “Hellstorm Fist” was the suit Jacques Dubois wore during the battle in which he lost his hand. The Hellstorm Fist was modified (during repairs) to facilitate the use of the shock system built into Jacques Dubois’s new cybernetic hand.

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Battle Armor - HM1 "Hellstorm"

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