A deadly swordswoman. A Sons of Brion agent avenging the capture of her sister Min.


Name: Lin Tanner
Alias: Blade
Rank: None. Sons of Brion agent and suspected assassin.
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Mech: NA

Sons of Brion agent, encountered while working undercover as a street thug working with the Headbands gang in Argyre. Suspected assassin.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: Hedley
Subordinate officers: None.

Lin ‘Blade’ Tanner is a highly skilled sword wielder and martial artist, and on a personal quest of vengeance for the capture of her sister. She is utterly dedicated to the Sons of Brion cause, and potentially a member of the Silent Watchers organisation.

Threat Assessment:
Known training in armed and unarmed close combat, stealth, concealing items and weapons, infiltration, security systems. Suspected training in disguise, communications. Possible training in computer hacking. Subject observed to possess high toughness and pain tolerance.

Current Situation:
Hunting Jacques Dubois to avenge the capture (and presumed death) of her sister Min.

Vibro Sword, Duelists Armour (ballistic plate vest, neo-chain leggings sleeves and hood, plasteel boots, light armoured gloves), revolver with explosive rounds, other gear.


Operation Raven Ristin Ristin