Pre Fall
The Thalia island group developed to a network of fishing villages and small scale farming to supplement the local diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Several small port towns in the island group were used to send and receive goods to other island groups and the continents.

It appears sustainability and quality of life were prioritised in the Thalia region, leaving the main continents of Atlantia to run the rat race for them and trading the sea’s bounty for manufactured goods beyond what could be produced locally.

Post Fall
The small port city on Thalia Prime appears to have been targeted from orbit, as was the military base and/or military research facility on the planet. Only two craters remain, with the coastal crater having filled with water then frozen over. Numerous small fishing villages are located in the island group, some nearly intact and some apparently wrecked by fierce military ground engagement or air-strikes.

The village of Tranquil Overlook appears to have survived unscathed from the fighting, if not the nuclear winter. New Miami was discovered in the region of Tranquil Overlook, leading to the Atlantia Military Base being established there. The former scenic fishing village has become the hub of restoration and recovery efforts on Atlantia.


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