Skill Levels

The skills Career, Language, Protocol, reflect a set of knowledge on a topic. Career is the peripheral skills of a profession, needed to fulfil the career beyond the core skills. Protocol is the etiquette of a society. Language is the words grammar and accents of a language.

Unlike other skills, these mainly represent familiarity rather than rolled for success or failure.

Skill Rank 0, the character has a basic understanding of the topic. For languages, that will be a few common words. For career, a grasp on what is involved in that line of work, likely needing supervision. For protocol, a cursory overview of the culture in question and what they value, or a overly crass local with little to no regard for what others think.

Skill Rank 1, novice level. A small level of knowledge and small level of experience. For languages, enough to get by in a conversation with the language. For career, enough grasp of the profession to do basic tasks without supervision. For protocol, enough to live ‘as a foreigner’ without causing offence, or as a crass local.

Skill Rank 2, fluency. For languages, enough to speak the language fluently, but not disguise one’s accent. For career, a competent professional who does not require supervision, but not exemplory. For protocol, enough to understand a culture and to live without causing offense or drawing undue attention.

Skill Rank 3, professional. For languages, enough to speak the language fluently, adopt a native speaker’s accent, easily read or write a text in the language, etc. For career, a skilled professional who can perform their career skills quickly and easily. For protocol, enough to understand a culture well and to pass oneself off as a local or a polite guest.

Skill Rank 4+, noteworthy. For languages, enough to write novels or teach the language. For career, worthy or renown, deserving praise from one’s superiors, and able to supervise novices or apprentices. For protocol, enough to teach etiquette classes.

Skill Levels

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