Pre Fall
The Polyhymnia island group is a cluster of small islands with one small port town and many scattered estates. The port town, named Calm Waters, supplies the scattered estates. The majority of the estates belong to the rich and powerful individuals or families of Atlantia, but some islands are owned as corporate estates.

The political weight of the Polyymnia island group is disproportionately high compared to the population size, and frequently criticised as a tool for the ‘ruling elite’ to maintain control.

Post Fall
Effectively nothing remains of the settlements of the Polyhymnia island group. Since the pre fall habitation was only isolated estates and manors, the ‘salvage value’ would be limited to the contents of scattered dwellings which are thousands of kilometres across the ice from other continents and island groups.

Several times since the fall, officers from Strata have sent cadets cross-ocean to Polyhymnia almost exclusively as a training exercise.


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