PAL Hardened

PAL Hardened armour was developed by Professor Anna Morozov of Special Project 17 in 3050 due to the suggestion/instruction from Hauptmann Samara Hellstrom.

Using armour layering techniques from heavier Battle Armour classes, and drawing upon experience with Battlemech scale Hardened armour, it is possible to increase the protection offered by a PAL chassis at the expense of manoeuvrability.

PAL with Hardened armour may mount 3 or 4 points of armour, at the expense of -1 ground movement, and -1 penalty to all Pilot: Battlesuit rolls. This necessitates a minimum of one upgrade to ground movement for the PAL suit to be functional (and reflecting the improved myomer systems required compared to a standard PAL suit).

The armour mounted can be any type available to PAL, provides the same benefits, weighs the same per point, and uses the same number of slots for that armour type.

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PAL Hardened

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