Order of the Mists

The Order of Mists was formed in 2750 and is present across the Inner Sphere. However, surprisingly little is known of the order. It is unusual in that it spans multiple successor states, where most knightly orders are recognised by all but centred in one.

It is also unusual in that certain planets attract the attention of the Order of Mists. One such planet is the world of Strata, a fog-shrouded planet which appears to be a holy site (among several) for the Order of Mists and any Knight of the Mist who has not made a pilgrimage to one of these sacred worlds is only treated as a knight errant within the order.

The ultimate purpose, goals, and selection traditions of the Order of Mists remain unknown, despite the knighthoods bestowed by the order being recognised universally.

Recognition: Inner Sphere
Center: No Data Available
Influence: Inner Sphere

Order of the Mists

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