Order of the Cloudsea

The Order of the Cloudsea was formed by the Duke of Strata in early 2965 following the Invasion of Strata. Unusually for a new order, the majority of founding members were awarded knighthoods posthumously, in this case for their resistance actions during the occupation. Surviving resistance fighters formed the bulk of the order’s living knights during the foundation. The only military personnel granted knighthoods were those who were wounded in action, which excluded the officers.

Though formed in response to the invasion of the planet, the Order of the Cloudsea is recognised more broadly than Strata as it was recognised formally by the ruler of House Davion. The resulting tradition stemming from the circumstances of the orders formation is that candidates must be willing to risk themselves to protect the people, and be willing to defend the weak even in the face of death.

Despite being an official knightly order and recognised far from Strata, the Order of the Cloudsea is still a minor order and its selection is limited to the Federated Suns.

Recognition: Inner Sphere
Center: Planet Strata
Influence: House Davion

Order of the Cloudsea

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