New Miami


Name: New Miami
Designation: Naval (Surface) Mobile Structure
Structure Type: Hangar, Medium
Length: 150m
Width: 90m
Height: 8 levels

New Miami is a floating naval mobile structure. Its displacement means roughly 75% of the structure is submerged (by design), meaning 6 of its 8 levels. The intention was that New Miami could house a permanent population of scientists and be deployed anywhere on Atlantia and launch research expeditions from. These could be deployed by sea (surface and submersible) or VTOL. The bulk of the research efforts appear to have been sub-sea exploration, but also resupplying sub-sea settlements. On occasion New Miami was also in the vicinity so its medical facility could be used for emergency and disaster relief, with patients transported by VTOL.

New Miami features a relatively fast speed (Move 3) and Serves primarily as a mobile sea port. The residential areas of the mobile structure are interspersed with small laboratory facilities. The port and starboard sections include docks for many naval surface vehicles (upper 4 levels), and for submersible vehicles (lower 4 levels). The main command and control facilities as well as the residential section and VTOL bays occupy the central axis of the mobile structure.

Each side section can dock two superheavy surface vessels and 8 light surface vehicles, plus two superheavy submersible vessels and 8 light submersible vehicles. The central section contains ten VTOL (light vehicle) bays. Abundant maritime lifeboats and quarters are included, as well as dropship equivalent communications facilities and a sizeable medical facility. Also over 700 ton of cargo capacity in the main cargo bay, not including distributed smaller cargo capacity around the mobile structure.

Current Situation
With Atlantia frozen, New Miami is stuck in place. Roughly half of the naval vehicle bays still contained ocean-going vehicles which are now stuck by the ice. No remains were found on the settlement, and few personal effects remained, so it is presumed the population evacuated. Unfortunately it appears they did not survive the fall, wherever they went.

The mobile structure is no longer mobile. It can be easily accessed by crossing the frozen ocean, or by VTOL. A movie dramatisation of the rediscovery of New Miami by explorers from Strata depicted the initial boarding as jump capable battlemechs being air-dropped to the structure. Though battlemechs were involved in the initial reconnaissance of New Miami and the recovery, they travelled over the ice along with APCs, combat vehicles and support vehicles. The mobile structure was subsequently re-activated when found to be virtually intact (though stuck) with only minor damage to the submarine hangers due to some expansion and shifting of the ice.

After the rediscovery of New Miami near the Thalia island group, a effectively-permanent Atlantia Military Base was established on the largest of the nearby islands. Previously temporary operations using dropships as their base were the standard technique of exploring Atlantia. This is still done to explore distant parts of the planet.

Current Location
Roughly 50km south east of the Atlantia Military Base.



New Miami

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