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The Elemental design of Clan Medium Battle Armour is the most common due to its balance of mobility, weaponry, and protection. Elemental Battle Armour is equipped with a Micro Laser Cannon, Inferno Flamer, and Vibroclaw plus an additional detachable six shot missile pack (either SRM or LRM).

Weight 1200kg (1000, plus 200 external missile pack)

Advanced Chassis = 200kg
Ground Speed 15 MP = 100kg
Jump Speed 15 MP = 150kg
Advanced Armour (10 points) = 400kg
Vibroclaw = 50kg
Laser Cannon, Micro = 50kg
Flamer, Inferno = 50kg

External Armour (0 points) = 0kg
Detachable SRM or LRM pack = SRM or LRM Launcher (100kg) plus 5 reloads (100kg)




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