ECM Rules

Using Communications Equipment and / or ECM Gear to jam communications

You can attempt to block communications of enemy mechs (or other forces).  

This is done as an opposed skill check – Communications | Conventional vs the target’s Communications | Conventional.

A 3-ton package of Communications Gear (ie. dropship-grade) or an ECM Unit gives a +2 bonus to the roll.  

If the attacker wins the roll, the opposing side loses the bonus to initiative from their leader’s leadership or tactics, and will need to succeed on an opposed Communications | Conventional skill check on their next turn in order to regain this bonus.

Communications Equipment can be used to defend against this jamming, but not ECM.

Using ECM Gear to disrupt enemy targeting

With ECM Gear you can attempt to disrupt a single enemy target, imposing a effect similar to the EM Interference terrain condition, with a modifier equal to half the Sensor Operations skill of the attacker (trained only), rounding up.

p. This imposes a -n penalty to their Gunnery checks and -n penalty to rolls on the cluster hit table for cluster attacks. One ECM unit can not be used for both targeting disruption and communications jamming, or used to disrupt targeting of multiple target units.

Using an Active Probe to aid targeting

With an Active Probe you can attempt to aid Gunnery accuracy against a single target, with a modifier to the Gunnery skill check equal to half the Sensor Operations skill of the attacker (trained only), rounding up.

If communications equipment is available and communications are not jammed, this bonus may be shared with teammates within 4 hexes of you. One active probe can not be used to aid targeting on multiple target units.

Standard Rules for ECM & Active Probes

A Beagle Active Probe has a passive detection range of 4 hexes, allowing the detection of hidden or stealthed units. This radius moves with the mech during its movement, allowing detection of targets during the mech’s movement phase.

A Beagle Active Probe can be used to identify the make, model, and equipment of hidden or shielded targets.

A Beagle Active Probe can detect minefields if a mech mounting this equipment ends its movement within detection range of an unexploded mine, with a non-skill roll of 7+

A Beagle Active Probe gives a +1 bonus to skill checks to overcome ECM effects.

A Guardian ECM Suite in passive mode has an effective radius of six hexes. This effects any of the following systems that trace a line of sight through this area.

  • Beagle Active Probes cannot penetrate this area, however the user of the Active Probe will be aware of the usage of ECM.
  • Missile attacks made using the Artemis-IV system will lose the bonuses this system provides.
  • NARC beacons located inside this area do not provide bonuses.
  • C3 and C3i computer systems inside this area will be disabled, disconnecting affected vehicles from the network.

ECM Rules

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