The Corona design of Clan Heavy Battle Armour is an oddity in that it is intended primarily to target Battlemechs and combat vehicles in ranged combat, unlike other Clan Battle Armour designs which normally only engage a Battlemech in close combat. To this end it mounts signal dampening systems, external ablative armour (to better weather return fire) and paired Light Laser Cannons on the right shoulder mount.

Weight 2000kg (1500, plus 500 external armour)

Advanced Chassis = 300kg
Ground Speed 10 MP = 100kg
Jump Speed 0 MP = 0kg
Advanced Armour (10 points) = 400kg
Vibroclaw (Right)
Vibroclaw (Left)
Laser Cannon, Light = 250kg
Laser Cannon, Light = 250kg
Flamer, Inferno = 50kg
Advanced Signal Dampening System = 50kg

External Armour (5 points) = 500kg




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