Company Organisation

Company: Hellstrom’s Hellions

Combat Forces:

  • Alpha Lance / Hellstrom Lance: Mixed Battlemech Lance. Four Battlemechs. Assigned transport vehicles Pike and Barracuda.
  • Beta Lance / Carter Lance: Mixed Battlemech Lance. Four Battlemechs.
  • Ganzstahl Diplomatie / Richter Lance. Medium Battlemech Lance. Four Battlemechs.

Support Unit:

  • Gamma Platoon: Battle Armour Platoon. Three active squads (of four troopers), one command and training squad. Assigned transport vehicle Hammerhead.
  • Delta Platoon / Wolf Platoon: Power Armour Infantry Platoon.
  • Engineering Department: Technical and Medical personnel, and Industrialmechs.

Additional Units:


  • Shane O’Rourke, Corporal. Second in command of Gamma Platoon, Command Squad.
  • Eric Price, Corporal. Commands Gamma Platoon, First Squad.
  • Elise Bertrand, Corporal. Commands Gamma Platoon, Second Squad.
  • Serge Ivanov, Corporal. Commands Gamma Platoon, Third Squad.
  • Sergeant Dirk Wolf. Commands Delta Platoon.
  • Corporal Sarah Langley. Second in command of Delta Platoon.
  • CPO Lionel Barclay. Commands Engineering Department, Lead Industrialmech pilot.
  • Ken Tyler. Industrialmech pilot, civilian. Volunteer.
  • Technician David Curran. Technician, civilian. Conscripted (by agreement), to ‘work off’ debt for cybernetic eyes.


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Company Organisation

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