Company Inventory

Hellstrom’s Hellions Company Inventory.

Alpha Lance
Battlemech Assets:

Vehicle Assets:

  • Pike, Alpha type Exocetidae transport VTOL.
  • Barracuda, Alpha type Exocetidae transport VTOL.

Beta Squadron
Vehicle Assets:

Gamma Platoon
Battle Armour Assets:

  • 16 suits of Hellstorm Battle Armour. (Note, twelve suits are kept battle ready, remaining four suits are assigned to the command squad and available for testing and training purposes).

Vehicle Assets:

  • Hammerhead, Delta type Exocetidae transport VTOL.

Support Team

Industrialmech Assets:

Vehicle Assets:

  • Zmey Land Train, equipped as a mobile base of operations for two battlemech lances and support personnel.
  • One Modified Buffalo Heavy Hover Transport. Modified to include an infantry bay (5 tons), one Search Light (0.5 tons), Communications Equipment (1 ton) and the armour upgraded to 100 BAR7 (+3.5 ton), Fuel Cell Engine replaced with Fusion Engine (-6.0 ton), two Lift Hoists (two x 3 ton). Cargo Capacity 30 tons for cargo. Crew 4, carrying capacity 28 in Infantry Bay.
  • One Slipper LX Series Hovercar (Lacks Environmental Sealing)
  • One Aston-Martin Fiver Traveller (Lacks Environmental Sealing)
  • One Swift Wind Scout Car (Combat Vehicle, includes Environmental Sealing)
  • Three Iveco Burro I (Lacks Environmental Sealing)
  • Two Iveco Burro II Crew-Carrier Variants (Includes Environmental Sealing and Mounted Searlight)
  • Three Iveco Burro II Cargo-Carrier Variants (Includes Environmental Sealing and Mounted Searchlight)


  • Cache of LRM ammunition (artemis and standard).
  • Cache of AMS ammunition.
  • Spare mech weapons and equipment.
  • Spare mech parts and armour (standard).
  • Spare vehicle parts.

Temporary Personnel Assets:

Former Personnel Assets:


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Company Inventory

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