Pre Fall
The continent of Clotho and the nearby Clio island chain on planet Atlantia is located on the equator. The continent was dedicated primarily to agriculture and was dominated by one major port city, Port Cambridge, and one major inland city, Sherwood City. The continents HPC station was located between the two cities. Numerous small port towns and rural communities populated the continent. Clotho was self sufficient for farming supplies and equipment but many other goods had to be imported from the continents of Atropos and Lachesis.

Clotho was the first continent on Atlantia to be colonised and served as the centre of civilian government from Sherwood City.

Post Fall
Sherwood City and Port Cambridge were both destroyed by nuclear weapons during the fall. The HPG station was never located, an expedition sent to the recorded coordinates found only a frozen forest and no sign of the facility.

The second largest segment of survivors from the fall of Atlantia came from Clotho continent. The largest segment of survivors were from Lachesis continent followed by refugees from Atropos where the fighting during the fall was the most intense.


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