Battle Armour Technology Availability

The following technologies are available to the Hellstrom’s Hellions. Items in italics exist (or are possible) in the setting but must be captured, invented or otherwise discovered before they can be used.

From the Tech Manual:
Chassis and Jump Systems
Humanoid Chassis – PAL
Humanoid Chassis – Light
Humanoid Chassis – Medium
Humanoid Chassis – Heavy
Humanoid Chassis – Assault
Quadruped Chassis – Light (Not Yet Available)
Quadruped Chassis – Medium (Not Yet Available)
Quadruped Chassis – Heavy (Not Yet Available)
Quadruped Chassis – Assault (Not Yet Available)
Battle Armour Jump Jets
Jump Booster
Partial Wing

Modular Equipment Adaptor
Armoured Glove
Basic Manipulator
Basic Manipulator (with Mine Clearance)
Battle Claw
Battle Claw (with Magnets)
Battle Claw (with Vibro-claws)
Cargo Lifter
Heavy Battle Claw
Heavy Battle Claw (with Magnets)
Heavy Battle Claw (with Vibro-claws)
Industrial Drill
Salvage Arm

Standard (Advanced)
Standard (Prototype) (Obsolete)
Stealth (Prototype) (Obsolete)
Basic Stealth
Standard Stealth
Improved Stealth
Mimetic (Not Yet Available)
PAL Hardened (Only Available to Special Project 17 and [[Hellstrom’s Hellions]].

Weapons and Equipment
David Light Gauss Rifle
King David Light Gauss Rifle
Magshot Gauss Rifle
Grand Mauler Gauss Rifle
Tsunami Gauss Rifle
Micro Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher
Light Machine Gun
Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Light Mortar
Heavy Mortar
Light Recoilless Rifle
Medium Recoilless Rifle
Heavy Recoilless Rifle
ER Small Laser
ER Medium Laser
Small Laser
Medium Laser
Small Pulse Laser
Medium Pulse Laser
Support PPC
Plasma Rifle (Not Yet Available)
Firedrake Support Needler
MRM (Not Yet Available)
Rocket Launcher
Detachable Missile Pack
Compact Narc
Pop-Up Mine
Active Probe
Camo System (Not Yet Available)
Cutting Torch
ECM Suite
Extended Life Support
Fuel Tank
Heat Sensor
Improved Sensors
Laser Microphone
Magnetic Clamps
Mine Dispenser
Mission Equipment
Modular Weapon Mount – Anti-Personnel
Modular Weapon Mount – Standard
Modular Weapon Mount – Turret, Standard (Not Yet Available)
Modular Weapon Mount – Turret, Configurable (Not Yet Available)
Power Pack
Remote Sensor Dispenser
Shotgun Microphone
Space Operation Adaptation
Squad Support Weapon Mount
Light TAG

From Tactical Operations:
Chassis and Jump Systems
Mechanical Jump Booster (Not Yet Available)
Myomer Booster (Not Yet Available)

Weapons and Equipment
Detachable Weapon Pack
BC3 (Not Yet Available)
BC3I (Not Yet Available)
Disposable Weapon
Variable-Speed Small Laser (Not Yet Available)
Variable-Speed Medium Laser (Not Yet Available)
Mine Dispenser
Vehicular DropChute – Standard
Vehicular DropChute – Camouflage
Vehicular DropChute – Stealth
Vehicular DropChute – Reusable

Battle Armour Technology Availability

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