Pre Fall
The continent of Atropos is located in the northern hemisphere of Atlantia on the northern tropic. Atropos was the military centre of Atlantia with Liberties Price (aka Fort Vigilance) as the centre of Star League military forces on the planet, and the military star-port. The main civilian city was Port Boston and the continent’s HPG station was located in proximity to the fort and the port.

The continent was incrementally developed, initially with mining operations and other resource utilisation, followed by logging operations and then agricultural communities in the cleared areas.

Post Fall
Port Boston was targeted by nuclear weapons fire and destroyed, leaving a coastal crater now filled with ice. Accounts from survivors indicate Fort Vigilance was targeted by weapons of mass destruction, and no remains have been found despite multiple expeditions. The HPG station was not found, an expedition sent to the recorded coordinates found empty fields and no sign of an instillation.

Investigation of the archaeological remains and the accounts from survivors indicate that the fighting during the fall was fiercest on Atropos continent. The sites of two small military bases have been discovered but both were destroyed by nuclear weapons fire. No other military facilities have been discovered.


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