Planet Atlantia
Ghanima System, Planet Three
Federated Suns, Draconis March


Ghanima System Planet Three, Atlantia


Major Islands:

Current Settlements:


Planetary History:
Atlantia was selected as a regional capitol by the Star League during a period of rising tension with the Houses, and was established in the territory of House Davion. The purpose of the colony was to “maintain a presence” in the region.

The planet had an established biosphere, though the only vertebrates native to the planet were fish. The planet was also markedly colder than earth, by five degrees on average.


Star League Era:
In the Star League era the predominant geographical feature of Atlantia was its vast oceans, and the colonists established a series of port cities linked by naval trade routes. A number of submarine settlements and floating settlements were also established. The floating settlements were mobile structures used for research and for exploration.

The Continents of Atlantia are Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos. Clotho is an equatorial continent, Lachesis is in the southern hemisphere and Atropos is in the northern hemisphere. Perhaps as a homage to the names they selected, Clotho was the original landing site and first colony, and Lachesis colonised next. The north and south poles were a temporary and shifting mass of ice and icebergs before the fall.

The Major Islands of Atlantia are Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania. More accurately they are major islands and the surrounding minor islands. This is with the noted exceptions that Clio is the chain of small islands trailing from Clotho continent with no ‘main island’, and Polyhymnia is also a group of small islands with no ‘main island’ either. The nine island groups were grouped to form ‘Island States’.

In that era there were three main faces of Atlantia. The most common but least well known were Earthe-Mediterranean style ocean front towns and villages with a laid back lifestyle. The Star League equipped scientific community exploring with insatiable curiosity were the next most common. The least common but best remembered were the Star League military forces stationed on Atlantia as a regional garrison.


The Fall of Atlantia:
The Fall of Atlantia was a period of several months that coincided with Kerensky’s Exodus and the fall of the Star League. Historians differ on the precise date that the Fall of Atlantia began but one commonly agreed upon date was the beginning of the communications blackout that characterized the period.

The events of the period were shrouded in mystery and confusion. A series of escalating events including destruction of the planets satellite network and detonation of nuclear weapons ravaged the world. This culminated in the arrival of a jump capable Star League warship which arrived, took on evacuees, and proceeded to bombard the planet with mass drivers before disappearing presumably to join the exodus. Some suggest the Star League warship was opposing the exodus and bombarding Kerensky’s loyalists. Another leading theory was that this was a military withdrawal and the orbital bombardment was intended to pulverize the heavily fortified military infrastructure of the world, along with the presumed faction of the military opposed to the exodus. It is generally accepted that the fall involved opposing factions among the Star League military forces battling each other with a complete collapse of any rules of engagement over the course of the engagement.

Following this the jamming partially cleared and a series of distress calls were received by the listening post on Strata. Civilians and some scientists needed evacuation from the devastated world, with the most harrowing tales being those from the submarine settlements. It was these refugees who provided most of the accounts of the period including the sinking of one of the floating cities and the loss of thousands of people aboard that mobile structure.

Military forces from House Davion stationed on Strata were the only ones equipped to aid in the evacuation using their dropships.

These refugees were instrumental in the subsequent development on Strata by initiating the technical renaissance that transformed Tyche into an aerospace center of excellence and improving the expertise of the industrial centers on Daedalus.


Post Star League Era:
Following the nuclear detonations and the final orbital bombardment a period of nuclear winter settled on the already cold world. With the planets orbit situated on the outer edge of the habitable zone, this tipped the world’s climate past the freezing point and rendered it a lifeless ball of ice. This has resulted in vast frozen oceans and the iced over continents and islands under a perpetual dust clouds, chilling gales and frequent blizzards.

After the evacuation of the survivors and refugees the main human activity upon Atlantia has been exploration and recovery efforts led by the military of Strata. The archaeologists and historians investigating the fallen planet have long been hampered by the harsh conditions and the severity of the destruction from the fall. Explorations after the fall have revealed a number of treasures and horrors from the era, but few answers.

One famous example of such a horror was detected by a lance of recon mechs piloted by cadets who were traversing the frozen surface of the ocean and detected a submarine settlement’s automated signal. The repeating signal was their desperate plea for help after their vehicle bays had been torpedoed and then the ocean began freezing over. The cadets had found the beacon decades after the victims had been buried alive under a sea of icy. Why they had been attacked during the conflict was never determined.

The greatest treasure to date was the recovery of the functional floating settlement New Miami, which is now resting atop the ice. Despite being immobilized the settlement serves as the main permanent surface settlement on the planet and used for exploration missions and efforts to correct the planets nuclear winter.

Many examples of the civilian ocean-front towns and villages have been found, clinging to the former coastlines and looking out over the vast ice-scape. Some have been intact but many were damaged by the elements or by military actions. Science outposts have also been found.

It was confirmed that all of the cities on the planet were destroyed by weapons of mass destruction or were targeted in the orbital bombardment.

Despite the best efforts of the military-led exploration efforts, no surviving Star League military base has been found to date, however the locations of the bases were not known and so it is not possible to verify if they were all destroyed or if some survived.


Current Occupation
New Miami is the main permanent settlement on the planet, and site of the Atlantia Military Base. Refurbished coastal settlements and science outposts have been equipped for use as smaller semi-permanent settlements. Spheroid dropships landing upon the former continental landmasses have served as temporary settlements for exploration missions.

The main military base on Atlantia, Liberties Price (aka Fort Vigilance), was rediscovered by the Hellstrom’s Hellions in 3050.




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