Waverly Restaurant


The Waverly Restaurant and Diner.


The Waverly Restaurant is located in the old quarter of Argyre along one of the main landtrain routes through the suburb. The Waverly is a hybrid establishment, the lower floor is a traditional diner catering to travellers, truckers and landtrain drivers and is open continuously, the upper floor is a restaurant and opens for the dinner rush after each work shift.

The Waverly has declined slightly in recent years with the formation of the new quarter and most landtrains diverting to the new quarter not the old quarter, however this has been offset by buisness from new water mining industry in the Old Frontier around Argyre.

It is a family run business. John Waverly and his wife Susan Waverly own the establishment and manage the upper restaurant and the chefs while their daughter Meg Waverly manages the diner where Joe Tucker is the cook.

This diner and resteraunt is down the street from the headquarters of Lt. Samara Hellstrom and her command.

Waverly Restaurant

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