The Drunk Rat Saloon


The Drunk Rat Saloon. Pub, saloon and fight-pit.


The Drunk Rat Saloon in the old quarter Argyre operated for several years as one of three ‘The South Gate Saloon’s, and was finally renamed The Drunk Rat Saloon after a rat which was intoxicated and fearless was discovered by the patrons. After an evening of revelries involving the fighting rat which no participants clearly remembered, the rat was caught and became the mascot of the saloon. The rat, ‘Blender’, is partially tame and partial to salted peanuts and whiskey. Blender is a happy drunk when fed well, and a angry drunk when hungry.

The saloon has three above ground floors and two basements. The ground floor is dedicated to the main bar and commons ground, and in which fighting is permitted as long as everyone is in on it. The ground floor furnishings are noted for being cheap and easily replaceable. The ground floor also contains the stage.

The second and third floors are balcony-like affairs with tables and allowing views of the stage. Security is tighter on the second and third floor and they are intended to cater for gentlemen and ladies and for persons not looking for trouble. Fighting is not permitted by staff on these floors.

The first basement contains the store rooms and kitchens of the saloon, and a concealed entrance to the second basement.

The second basement is the fight pit which was originally a secret but is now a public secret, meaning unspoken common knowledge. On this level are ‘the pit’ which is a caged fighting arena and surrounded by bookies and bars. There is a schedule to events, referred to as “the festivities”, which is known to insiders of the fight club. The rules of the fights are “don’t talk to the sherif”, “no weapons” and “cyber is cheating”. Note that this is only one of the fight pits in the old quarter.

The signature match of The Drunk Rat Saloon is the ‘shot match’, a very congenial match in which contestants take turns drinking a shot then throwing a punch. A ‘shot match’ is a friendly match which borders upon comedy for the audience.

The Drunk Rat Saloon is in the viscinity of Lt. Samara Hellstrom’s command, and recently Jacques Dubois aka the Tyche Terror beat Bruce “the Slab” Wilson in a social fight.

The Drunk Rat Saloon

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