Super Locust LCT-S1E

Super Locust LCT-S1E


The Super Locust LCT-S1E is a prototype battlemech currently being tested by Strata Institute of Science. The intention is to improve the combat effectiveness of the Locust by increasing the unit weight from 20 to 35 and utilising double heat sinks, endo steel internal structure and an XL engine. The unit has a second searchlight mounted to assist its role as a scout and particularly for operations in the lowlands of Strata.

Two related designs are the Locust LCT-2E2 and Locust LCT-2T2 which utilise the same technologies but retain the original unit tonnage. The Locust LCT-2T2 was a stepping stone to the Super Locust LCT-S1E design, but the Super Locust LCT-S1E mounts almost twice the armour and additional firepower without diminishing speed.

Recent testing has lead to approval for further development (and increased budget) for the “Super Locust” or “Weta” as it is more commonly known, and the original standard armour has been removed in favor of Ferro-Fibrous armor, and a single jump jet fitted to grant the mech further versatility. This optimization does come at a cost, however, as with the new armor there was insufficient space to fit hand or lower arm actuators.

Type: Super Locust aka “Weta”
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Tonnage: 35

Internal Structure: Endo-steel(Mass 2.0)
Engine: Fusion 280XL (Mass 8.0)
-Walking MP: 8
-Running MP: 12
-Jumping MP: 1
Heat Sinks: Double x13 (Mass 3.0)
Gyro: Standard (Mass 3.0)
Cockpit: Standard (Mass 3.0)
Armour Factor: 119 (ferro-fibrous) (Mass 7)

Location Structure Armour (Front) Armour (Rear)
Head 3 9 -
Center Torso 11 16 6
Left Torso 8 11 5
Right Torso 8 11 5
Left Arm 6 12 -
Right Arm 6 12 -
Left Leg 8 16 -
Right Leg 8 16 -
Equipment Location Critical Tonnage
Medium Laser Left Arm 1 1
Medium Laser Left Arm 1 1
Medium Laser Left Torso 1 1
Medium Laser Left Torso 1 1
Medium Laser Right Arm 1 1
Medium Laser Right Arm 1 1
Medium Laser Right Torso 1 1
Medium Laser Right Torso 1 1
Search Light (1) Head 1 0.5

Weapon Damage Heat Min Short Med Long
Medium Laser 5 3 - 3 6 9

(1) Original/free searchlight for a battlemech is assumed located in the centre torso following the rules presented in Total Warfare. The listed searchlight is in addition to this.


Super Locust LCT-S1E

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