Rat Scout Vehicle


The Rat Scout Vehicle was developed and is produced on Strata as a long range, fast APC. They are used as scout vehicles and rapid transport duties, replacing jeeps and staff cars especially in the midlands and lowlands. The crew includes one driver and one searchlight operator who doubles as navigator and communications operator. Each Rat can carry one squad of foot infantry in the rear compartment.

The Rat is intended to compliment its heavier cousin the Packrat which is heavily used on planet Strata as an armed, long range, fast APC. The Strata Mouse is a related design to the Rat, the former focusing upon speed but the latter focusing upon greater stealth, running quieter than a hovercraft is capable of.

Name: Rat Scout Vehicle
Type: Wheeled, Combat Vehicle
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Tonnage: 5
Crew: 2
Passenger Capacity: 7

Internal Structure: Endo Steel (Mass 0.5)
Engine: Fusion 25 (Mass 1.0)
-Cruising MP: 9
-Flanking MP: 14
Armour Factor: 32 (Mass 2.0)

Location / Structure / Armour
Front / 1 / 8
Left / 1 / 8
Right / 1 / 8
Rear / 1 / 8

Equipment / Location / Critical / Tonnage
Mounted Searchlight / Body / 1 / 0.5
Foot Infantry Compartment (Squad) / Body / 1 / 1.0

Design Variants
Rat MOD-A: A transport variant, the mounted searchlight is removed (leaving standard running lights and headlights) to free up 0.5t cargo capacity. Note this reduces the crew requirement to one (driver).
Rat Mod-B: A cargo variant, the mounted searchlight and infantry compartment are removed to free up 1.5t cargo capacity. Note this reduces the crew requirement to one (driver).


Rat Scout Vehicle

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