Ranged Energy Firearms

weapon (ranged)

Ranged energy weapons available to military personnel and civilians in the modern era.


Ranged Energy Firearms
Energy weapons are strictly restricted to military and police forces on Strata. Civilian armour on Strata tends to be weak against energy weapons, but military armour lacks this weakness. Criminal groups have been known to acquire ranged energy weapons in small numbers via the black market, but the disproportionately harsh and swift response by Strata authorities keeps such incidents rare and the number of contraband energy weapons rare.

The Operation Raven house-rule of -1AP for all ranged weapons has been included in these statistics.

Laser Pistol
A basic laser pistol, and common military sidearm.
AP/BD 4E/3
Range 15/35/80/225
Shots 2PPS
Mass 1.0kg

Holdout Laser Pistol
Regarded as an assassin’s weapon for the ease of concealment and ability to cut through civilian armour. Most commonly used with a micro power pack (15g, 15PP).
AP/BD 4E/2
Range 10/22/50/120
Shots 3PPS
Mass 0.1kg

Pulse Laser Pistol
An automatic laser pistol, recently released and still relatively uncommon military sidearm.
Range 15/35/80/225
Shots 2PPS
Mass 1.0kg
Burst 5; Recoil 0

Laser Rifle
A basic laser rifle.
AP/BD 4E/4
Range 60/205/465/1100
Shots 5PPS
Mass 5.0kg

Mark XX Laser Rifle
An armour-cutting laser rifle. The heavier and more power-hungry Maxell-PL-10 is a Lyran Alliance variant of the Mark XX.
AP/BD 5E/3
Range 75/250/500/1150
Shots 6PPS
Mass 6.0kg

Pulse Laser Rifle
An automatic laser rifle, recently released and still relatively uncommon military rifle.
Range 40/130/275/595
Shots 4PPS
Mass 5.0kg
Burst 10; Recoil 0

Ranged Energy Firearms

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