Exocoetidae Transport VTOL


The Exocetidae (Flying Fish) Transport VTOL is the workhorse of the Strata military, especially for use with military airships. The name comes from the way these (and other) VTOL rise up over the fog layer on Strata, before diving back into the cloud for cover.

The four primary variants are:

  1. Aplha: Battlemech Transport. Four lift hoists, one foot infantry bay. Can carry 1 platoon, 100t cargo externally.
  2. Beta: Foot Infantry Transport. Three foot infantry bays, two ton cargo capacity. Can carry 3 platoons (1 company), 2t cargo internally.
  3. Gamma: Jump Infantry Transport. Two jump infantry bays, one jump infantry compartment, one ton cargo capacity. Can carry 3 platoons (1 company), 1t cargo internally
  4. Delta: Battle Armour Transport. Nine battle armour compartments, three battle armour bays, two ton cargo capacity. Can carry 3 squads of 4 (1 platoon), 2t cargo internally.

The Alpha variant is the most common, and are used to deploy battlemechs, ground vehicles, cargo, and personnel.


Vehicle Name: Exocetidae (Flying Fish) Transport VTOL
Vehicle Tonnage: 50.0
Vehicle Speed: VTOL, 10/15,

  • Cruising Speed 108kph
  • Flanking Speed 162kph

Vehicle Design:
Chassis (12.75) = 13.0
Fusion Engine (15.60) = 16.0
BAR8 Armour, 54pts (Max 54)(2.43) = 2.5
ECM = 1.5

4x Lift Hoist = 12.0
Foot Infantry Bay = 5.0

3x Foot Infantry Bay = 15.0
Cargo (2t) = 2.0

2x Jump Infantry Bay = 12.0
1x Jump Infantry Compartment = 4.0
Cargo (1t) = 1.0

9x Battle Armour Compartments
3x Battle Armour Bays
Cargo (2t) = 2.0

Exocoetidae Transport VTOL

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