The Erebus is a modified Tracker class surveillance corvette, formerly the DCS Hi No Kaze.


The DCS Hi No Kaze appears to be a Tracker class surveillance corvette. The ship crashed in the lowlands of Strata a few thousand kilometres off the continent of Daedalus in the closing days of the Invasion of Strata. The closest permanent settlement is Eisen Mining Waystation 86.

The crashed ship is heavily damaged, including destruction of all but one spar from its solar sail, superstructure damage and a tear in the hull at one point almost the height of the wreck. The ships weaponry, computers, and precious Kearny-Fuchida FTL drive are all salvageable.

A boobytrap left behind by the ship’s captain was triggered by an Eisen Mining salvage team, and subsequently the crashed ship was commandeered by the military, led by Hellstrom’s Hellions. The chemical and biological agent used in the boobytrap, now identified as Agent DC37, is being studied at the Strata Institute of Science, and samples will be sent to the NAIS also. Four of twelve canisters had been activated, two when the ship was initially lost by the captain, and two more when the ship was breached by the Eisen Mining team. Three of the eight remaining canisters had been looted by the terrorist group the Sons of Brion but they were later recovered and the terrorists apprehended attempting to deploy the Agent DC37 as a WMD on the community of Argyre.

The DCS Hi No Kaze has been retrofitted and heavily modified, and also renamed as the Erebus. The Erebus is now a part of Hellstrom’s Hellions Company Aerospace Assets.


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