Black Rose

weapon (ranged)

A heavy pistol, make unknown, engraved with the name ‘Black Rose’ and a stylised rose flower. Given to Ruin Dmitar by his contact code-named ‘Friend’ in early 3050.


Black Rose
An excellently crafted heavy pistol, personalised with the markings of a black rose and engraved with those words.
AP/BD 7B/4 with AP Rounds, (base damage 5B/5)
Range 8/18/40/90
Shots 12
Mass 0.8kg/120g
Weapon Accessories: Integrated Barrel Mounted Flashlight, Laser Sight, and a Sound and Flash Suppressor.
Note: The pistol ‘Black Rose’ appears to have been designed for military grade Armour Piercing rounds, however other ammunition types can be modified for this weapon.

Black Rose

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