Star Commander Janice


Trueborn Mechwarrior. Defector from Clan Jade Falcon


Name: Janice
Military Rank: Former Rank, Star Commander
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Mech: Summoner

Trueborn Mechwarrior, defector from Clan Jade Falcon, formerly commanding a battlemech star.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: NA
Subordinate officer: NA

Mechwarrior Janice had an impressive but not stellar career, rising quickly to the rank of Star Commander and leading a Star of five battlemechs.

She suffered severe injuries during a Trial of Posession against Clan Wolf when her Summoner came under attack by a Point of five Elementals. Prior to this, Star Commander Janice had been disdainful of the importance of battle armour, treating battle armour infantry as essentially an accessory to battlemech and vehicular combat. Her injuries included the loss of her right eye, several skull fractures, leading to a coma.

Janice’s medical care was provided by Scientist Cormac. At Janice’s request, Scientist Cormac fitted her with a cybernetic replacement eye rather than take the extra time required for a cloned replacement. Despite this, due to her time in a coma and subsequent medical recovery time, Janice lost her command.

Facing demotion and suspected of an illicit relationship with Scientist Cormac, Janice defected from Clan Jade Falcon taking Cormac with her. The subsequent investigation indicates that Janice and Cormac made the unexpected move of crossing the border to Clan Wolf, and from there gained passage aboard a scouting jumpship which Clan Wolf sent into the Inner Sphere in 3007.

Star Commander Janice

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