Scientist Brent Tesla


Clan Hellion Scientist, formerly Clan Jade Falcon.


Name: Brent Tesla
Rank: Scientist
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Mech: None

Scientist Caste, Clan Hellion

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer:

Subordinate officers:

  • Scientist Caste, Technician Caste, Merchant Caste and Laborer Caste personnel liberated from Clan Jade Falcon on Planet Malachite.

Formerly the highest Clan Jade Falcon Scientist Caste representative on Planet Malachite, Scientist Brent (Labname Tesla) was captured / liberated when “Clan Hellion” recaptured the HPG station in Peridot City.

Brent was a Trueborn (MechWarrior Phenotype) but failed out of Warrior Caste training in his first semester (of Trueborn Creche) for relying on brains over brawns. He demonstrated a genuine preference for the Scientist Caste and a resentment / disdain for the Warrior Caste of Clan Jade Falcon. This predisposed him to take quickly to the different way Hellstrom’s Hellions operated.

His primary areas of expertise are computers and communications, plus infrastructure, networks and systems.

Scientist Brent Tesla

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