A violent and mentally unstable street punk young woman. A Sons of Brion agent captured while working in Argyre and under command of Silent Watchers agent Hedley.


Name: Mindy Tanner
Alias: Min
Rank: None. Sons of Brion agent and suspected assassin.
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Mech: NA

Sons of Brion agent, caught while working undercover as a street thug working with the ‘roapers’ gang in Argyre. Suspected assassin.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: Hedley
Subordinate officers: None.

Min has proven herself a fierce, ruthless, fearless and formidable combatant who favours unarmed combat and melee weapons over ranged combat. She is utterly dedicated to the Sons of Brion cause, more so than her own life, and this appears to be the reason she is a Sons of Brion agent rather than advancing to the higher Silent Watchers organisation.

Threat Assessment:
Known training in armed and unarmed close combat, stealth, concealing items and weapons, infiltration, security systems. Suspected training in disguise, communications. Possible training in computer hacking. Subject observed to possess high toughness and pain tolerance, also multiple severe mental disturbances.

Current Situation:
Requisitioned by Professor Anna Morozov for Special Project 17 and designated Subject / Candidate S-68.
Research Log – Subject S-68, ‘Min’.


Operation Raven Ristin Ristin