Mercenary Captain Gregor Scholz.

Leader of the Scholz Streikende.


Name: Gregor Scholz
Rank: Mercenary Captain
Sex: Male
Age: 39
Mech: Assassin

Captain of the mercenary unit Scholz Streikende.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: NA.
Subordinate officers: Mercenary Mechwarrior Elli Weiss (DECEASED), Mechwarrior Olaf Keller, Mechwarrior Julius Hoffman, Mercenary Rookie Adel Weiss, and Scholz Streikende support personnel.

Little is known about Captain Gregor Scholz other than his position as leader of the Scholz Streikende and that he pilots am Assassin Battlemech.

Captain Gregor Scholz was last seen on 18/12/3049 evading pursuit and hostile fire following the second attack upon the Hellstrom’s Hellions. At that time his Battlemech suffered right arm actuator damage before successfully withdrawing. Current location and status are unknown.

Mercenary Captain Gregor Scholz.

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