Mayor Kent McAlester


Mayor of Argyre mining colony.


Name: Kent McAlester
Rank: Mayor
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Mech: None

Mayor of Argyre mining colony. Head of the mining guild.

Mayor Kent McAlester was propelled to his current position as mayor due to being accepted by the minr mining companies forming the mining guild of Argyre. His election to mayor was all but a formality since he had the support of the mining companies forming the settlement which comprised almost all of the population of Argyre.

He draws an awkward line as mayor, trying to uphold (or rather to foster) the prestige of the office of mayor, but also having no ambition to become a community leader. He was comfortable in his former role as a business owner and mine foreman. Wether the actions of Mayor Kent McAlester perverts or confirms the common wisdom that the only people suitable for public office are those that do not seek power remains to be seen.

Mayor Kent McAlester

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