Duchess Serena Shaw


Hereditary ruler of Strata


Name: Serena Shaw
Rank: Duchess
Sex: Female
Age: 35
Mech: Unknown

Duchess Serena Shaw rules the duchy of Strata from her families estates on Daedalus continent and the new political centre or power which is located on the twin continents of Olympus and Elysium.

Duchess Shaw is a strong and balanced leader, known for weighing long term and short term issues well, fairness when handling disputes, and remaining above the politicking and the bias that arise regularly in governing the planet.

The current inner court and outer court advising the duchess are competent and keep her abreast of issues large and small from local matters to continental affairs.

Like many of the potential heirs to the duchy, Duchess Serena Shaw spent a significant portion of her early life away from Strata and performing military service. This included battlemech piloting and is suspected to have been localised around New Avalon. Details beyond that are classified.

Duchess Serena Shaw

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