Doctor Ruth Croft


Name: Ruth Croft
Sex: Female
Age: 31
Mech: NA

Head of NBC Laboratory Complex Eight at the Strata Institute of Science.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer Professor Anna Morozov, head of Special Project 17 at the Strata Institute of Science.

Doctor Ruth Croft transferred to the Strata Institute of Science from the New Avalon Institute of Science in March of 3048 along with her colleague Professor Anna Morozov. Development of countermeasures for NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) agents, and performance enhancing combat drugs, is Doctor Ruth Croft’s field of primary expertise.

The doctor’s expertise in performance enhancing and protective treatments appears to be her main area of involvement in Special Project 17. Currently she is leading the research project investigating Agent DC37.

She is a very fit and well trained soldier, especially for a military scientist. Doctor Ruth Croft was seriously injured in an incident at the New Avalon Institute of Science when a training accident interrupted the power supply to her laboratory and caused an experimental substance to detonate. The loss of power disabled the cooling system being used to keep a variant of inferno fuel (intended for use in sprayers to make more effective Battlemech flamer weapons) from self igniting. Her injuries required extensive reconstructive surgery of her face and right shoulder, a cybernetic replacement for the lower right arm, the right ear, and the right eye.


Doctor Ruth Croft

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