Dmitri Radchenko


Associate Professor Dmitri Radchenko works under Professor Anna Morozov on Special Project 17. Recently transferred to planet Strata during the relocation of the project.


Name: Dmitri Radchenko
Military Rank: CLASSIFIED
Academic Rank Associate Professor
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Mech: Unknown

Second in command of Special Project 17 at the Strata Institute of Science.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer Professor Anna Morozov.
Subordinate officer CLASSIFIED.

Associate Professor Dmitri Radchenko transferred to the Strata Institute of Science from the New Avalon Institute of Science along with Professor Anna Morozov in March of 3048 as part of the team for ‘Special Project 17’.

Little information on his duties and role in Special Project 17 are available, it is suspected that he leads one or all research teams working in the complex of buildings provided for the project.

Extensive sections of Dmitri’s information are classified or otherwise unavailable prior to his involvement with Special Project 17.

Distinguishing Features:
Bionic right eye (and surrounding area), not concealed. Suspected of incorporating vision enhancement.

Recent Developments:
Dmitri Radchenko was revealed to be a clone of Damyan Radkov and implanted with memories from his deceased progenitor.

Dmitri Radchenko

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