Operation Raven

Planet Strata
Ghanima System, Planet Two
Federated Suns, Draconis March

Situation Report:
- On the planet Strata, Hpt. General Lucius Morgan has assembled a team of specialists with the intention of creating a problem solving and lostech seeking unit. This conclusion is based upon our dossier on Hpt. General Lucius Morgan. The dossier on Hpt. General Lucius Morgan shall be provided.
- Complications in the political situation of the planet and in the service records of the selected officers have necessitated a preliminary phase in the operation. The dossiers on these officers and their support staff shall be provided.
- This phase has been designated phase zero. The unit has been assigned to a garrison role in the mining settlement of Argyre, tasked with bandit suppression duties. Intelligence suggests the purpose of phase zero is to raise the profile of the officers involved and to facilitate phase one and subsequent phases.

Covertly monitor the situation. Do not interfere at this time. Report any findings.




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Operation Raven

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