Strata Military Academy

Commanding Officer: Hpt. General Lucius Morgan.

The Military Academy of Strata is centred in Fort Enyo on the highlands of Ares continent. Fort Bia in the southern midlands, and Fort Nyx in the northern lowlands are both used for training of more senior classes. All three bases operate as training facilities but also active military bases and garrisons for planetary defence.

The majority of Ares continent is available for training exercises, including the practice of using cadet mechwarriors to pilot forestrymechs and miningmechs for added hands-on piloting experience and acclimatisation to real cockpit conditions.

The Strata Military Academy is closely tied to the Strata Institute of Science. The military science facilities of the Strata Institute of Science are also located within Fort Enyo.

Strata Military Academy

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