Strata Institute of Science

Commanding Officer: Lt. General Elisa Hayes.

The Strata Institute of Science is a regional sister-campus of the New Avalon Institute of Science. The Strata campus began independently and only became part of the New Avalon Institute of Science in 3020. Unfortunately there is a lot of enmity from the older but smaller Strata institute toward the newer and better funded New Avalon institute. The primary source of this enmity is that projects initiated on Strata are often transferred to New Avalon, on grounds of ‘state security’, especially any research into LosTech artefacts recovered from the neighbouring world of Atlantia.

The best known campus of the institute on Strata is the military science campus on Ares continent in Fort Enyo, which is closely linked to the Strata Military Academy. Civilian focused campuses are present upon Chloris, Daedalus and Tyche continents. The campus on Chloris is dedicated solely to agriculture, the Tyche campus specialises in aerospace development, and the campus on Daedalus being the most balanced and generalised of the four campuses.

The trend to centralise research and development work has been broken by one noticeable exception recently, Special Project 17. This project has branched out to all available regional research institutes including Strata, apparently to expand the search for physically suitable ‘candidates’ as far as possible.

Strata Institute of Science

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