Sons of Brion

The Sons of Brion were founded by the Harris family heirs, and initially led by Brion Harris. The organisation was originally named the Blood of Galen, and appears to have been renamed the Sons of Brion by his sons who wished to reference their father’s legacy and founding of their order. During foundation they drew heavily upon survivors of the Harris Heavy Industries factory massacre and the orphans of attack.

Available information suggests that The Sons of Brion is led by descendants of the Harris family and by families tracing their line back to those working for Harris Heavy Industries at the time of the massacre during the Invasion of Strata. The descendants are the leaders and lieutenants, and the organisation draws heavily upon hired guns and criminal elements to form its rank and file. This lower rung of the organisation are shifting, used and then left to their own devices once no longer needed, without having been privy to the higher level planning or goals. It is a mark of great pride in the sons for leaders to bear the name Harris and trace descent from Brion Harris. Second only to that is the remaining non-Harris lineages from families involved with Harris Heavy Industries.

The Sons of Brion favour small operations, as these are easier to keep unnoticed. Also the minimum number of external personnel that must be involved. They plan operations but also conduct operations for the Silent Watchers.

Details about which events have involved the Sons of Brion and which do not remain unclear. After their formation following the Invasion of Strata it does not appear that they were significantly involved with the Separatist Uprising in Ganymede. At this time the Sons of Brion are suspected of being involved with recent raids upon Weapon Caches, possibly having obtained information on their location from the Silent Watchers.

Sons of Brion

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