Perdix city is located in the midlands of Daedalus continent and is focused upon heavy industry and on shipping cargo. Industrial mechs and landtrains are the the signature product of the heavy industries of Perdix.

The city itself is often described as heavy, the buildings are constructed to be sturdy rather than aesthetically pleasing. Reinforced concrete and weather-sheltered windows are the norm. The buildings feature environmental sealing and maintain a controlled environment inside. This includes filtering out any smog or pollutants produced by the cities many factories, and also maintaining heated and well lit interiors.

The CBD is dominated by skyscrapers where the administrative functions and the local corporations are centered. Most of the upper classes who do reside in Perdix live in penthouse suites in this area. The cities ‘upper class entertainment’ facilities (theaters, orchestras, first class restaurants, etc) are also located in the CBD.

A growing practice in Perdix is running a flotilla of slow solar luxury airships that hold station above the cloud sea over the city and provide luxury accommodation to the upper crust of Perdix society.

Large apartment blocks in high density residential areas house most of the cities residents. The so-called ‘lower class entertainment’ (clubs, bars, regular restaurants, etc) are located in these areas. Factories and warehouses account for most of the cities remaining structures.

Perdix airport is a decentralized network of airship docking facilities controlled by the air traffic control run from a central VTOL airport. The airships dock on the rooftops of the heavily constructed factories and corporate high-rises. Perdix airport also helps organize the flotilla of airships holding position over Perdix.

Perdix railport is, or may as well be subterranean. Dozens of rail lines converge there on a series of platforms, split between passenger and cargo transport. This rail hub connects a lot of the midlands and inner-lowlands settlements to Perdix and from there to the other cities. A rail link between Perdix and Argyre is under construction. Travel between Argyre and Perdix is vital to the survival of Argyre and utilising the ores and water harvested in the lowlands settlement.

The original surface access has been covered by later development. Similarly the original main station has been expanded such that there are now multiple sets of platforms and access tunnels under the city center.

Other public and corporate stations are scattered through the city.




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