Hellstorm HM3

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The Hellstorm HM3 suits are the mainstay of the Hellstrom’s Hellions and Special Project 17. These solid and maneuverable medium battle armour suits are fitted with a modular weapon mount and a selection of available weapons.

After operations on Strata and Atlantia the Standard Operational Doctrine has been for Hellstorm HM3 suits to carry a Vibroaxe for added close combat potential.

Weight 1075kg (1000, plus 75 carried weapons)

Superior Chassis = 200kg
Ground Speed 10 MP = 50kg
Jump Speed 15 MP = 150kg
Superior Armour (10 points) = 500kg
Battleclaw = 20kg

One of:

  • Flamer, Inferno = 50kg
  • Machine Gun = 50kg
  • Micro Cannon = 50kg
  • Micro Gauss = 75kg
  • Micro Laser = 50kg

External Armour (0 points) = 0kg
Superior Vibroaxe = 25kg



Hellstorm HM3

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