506px gnome

The heaviest observed Clan Battle Armour, Gnome suits are also the slowest. Gnomes include a brutal plasma cannon in the right arm as their main weapon, backed up by an inferno flamer in the same arm. The left arm features heavy shielding and a vibroclaw. A pair of shoulder mounted LRM launchers give the suit its only long range strike capabilities.

The design intent of Gnome suits is either to dominate in urban combat where the short range of the plasma cannon isn’t a factor, or to give powerful close-range support to battlemechs.

Weight 2850kg (2000, plus 850 external armour)

Advanced Chassis = 400kg
Ground Speed 5 MP = 0kg
Jump Speed 0 MP = 0kg
Advanced Armour (22 points) = 880kg
Vibroclaw (Left) = 50kg
Plasma Cannon, Light = 250kg
Flamer, Inferno = 50kg
Advanced Signal Dampening System = 50kg
LRM Launcher = 100
3 Reloads = 60
LRM Launcher = 100
3 Reloads = 60

External Armour (8 points) = 800kg
Advanced Battlesuit Shield = 50kg




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