Cadet Chris Jacob

Name: Chris Jacob
Rank: Cadet.
Sex: Male
Mech: Javelin JVN-S2

A cadet in the cadet lance deployed to the Argyre Military Base to protect Argyre and surrounding area.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer Cadet Kevin Carter.
Subordinate officers NA.

Cadet Chris Jacob pilots a Javelin JVN-S2 and is noted as a promising sniper in and out of the cockpit. During the urban combat of 17/01/3050 he is noted for high accuracy with his Javelin’s ER PPC including three confirmed head-shots at range against infantry targets carrying SRM launchers. However he has proven to be overly aggressive and combative, and at this stage is not seen as officer material. This may change as he matures and becomes more seasoned.

He comes from the city of Hestia on Chloris continent. Never showing any interest in agriculture, there was nothing for Chris on his home continent.

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Cadet Chris Jacob

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