Scientist Cormac


Trueborn of the Scientist Caste, defector from Clan Jade Falcon.


Name: Cormac
Military Rank: NA
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Mech: None

Trueborn Mechwarrior, defector from Clan Jade Falcon, formerly of the Scientist Caste.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: NA
Subordinate officer: NA

Cormac gave a respectable level of performance in his Sibko but did not reach graduation. He was defeated in a Trial of Grievance by a fellow student, Anthony, following a training challenge. The terms of the Trial of Grievance indicate Anthony blamed Cormac for being out-of-position, resulting in the group Anthony was leading suffering heavy damage (and reduced points). Cormac was out of position due to a ‘complication’ introduced to the training challenge in which additional opponents (not in the mission briefing) were introduced. Despite countering the surprise ambush, Cormac lost the Trial of Grievance and suffered a broken wrist. This deliberately imposed injury caused Cormac to miss the subsequent training challenge and be washed out from the training program for the Warrior Caste.

After retraining Cormac was inducted into the Scientist Caste, primarily studying eugenics (prenatal), genetics and medicine. He earned the Lab Name of Morozov, a 23rd century physician.

Scientist Cormac led the medical team treating Star Commander Janice. Despite his efforts to speed her return to active duty, Janice lost her command and was in danger of being removed from the warrior caste. Scientist Cormac and Mechwarrior Janice were suspected of an illicit relationship. Janice defected from Clan Jade Falcon taking Cormac with her. The subsequent investigation indicates that Janice and Cormac made the unexpected move of crossing the border to Clan Wolf, and from there gained passage aboard a scouting jumpship which Clan Wolf sent into the Inner Sphere in 3007.

Scientist Cormac

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