Mercenary Mechwarrior Olaf Keller

Scholz Streikende Mechwarrior


Name: Mechwarrior Olaf Keller
Rank: Mercenary Mechwarrior
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Mech: Clint (CAPTURED)

Scholz Streikende Mechwarrior.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: Mercenary Captain Gregor Scholz..
Subordinate officers: NA.

Olaf Keller is a mechwarrior in the Scholz Streikende, piloting one of the two Clint Battlemechs of the mercenary lance. His battlemech was disabled and subsequently captured on 18/12/3049 in battle against Hellstrom’s Hellions. He was captured, and treated for his injuries.

An order to release the captured Scholz Streikende personnel was received on 27/12/3049. This was later revealed to be falsified. Current location and status are unknown.

Mercenary Mechwarrior Olaf Keller

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