Marshal Tiberius Winchester


Head of Strata military forces.


Name: Tiberius Winchester
Rank: Marshal (Officer 9)
Sex: Male
Age: 53
Mech: Highlander HGN-732

Head of Strata military forces. Responsible for training operations, and commander of some additional forces on special assignment.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer Duchess Serena Shaw, noble ruler of planet Strata.
Subordinate officer Hpt. General Lucius Morgan, head of Strata Military Academy.
Subordinate officers in the regular army chain of command.

Marshal Tiberius Winchester commands all military forces on Strata. He is a traditionalist who focuses upon personnel, training and equipment as the core elements of military power. He recognises the importance of military science to improve the equipment available to the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns but assigns it a clearly subordinate role.

He is on record as publicly opposing stationing of a ComGuard mech garrison on Strata to guard the planet’s ComStar Hyper Pulse Generator since that implies his forces are incapable of it.

He is also on record as publicly opposing allowing mech forces as embassy guards for the planets Lyran ambassador Hpt. Kommandant Dieter Herrman. The decision to allow Lyran mech forces on Strata and allow Lyran students to attend the Strata Military Academy was a necessity due to the terms of the alliance forming the Federated Commonwealth.

Marshal Tiberius Winchester

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