Lara Schmidt

Lyran Lance Technical Officer. Pilots a modified Hunchback.


Name: Lara Schmidt
Rank: Mechwarrior
Sex: Female
Mech: Hunchback LS2

Technical Officer of a medium battlemech lance Ganzstahl Diplomatie, (Translation: Full Steel Diplomacy) on detached duty from the Lyran embassy to the Strata Institute of Science.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: Lt. Sarah Richter.
Subordinate officers: None.

Lara Schmidt was hand picked by Lt. Sarah Richter, as a diamond in the rough. Lara’s record showed her to be an excellent technical officer by insubordinate and overly aggressive. This, conversely, has made her a perfect pilot for a Hunchback Battlemech. While she was briefly assigned to a Dervish long range missile support battlemech, it did not suit her style of combat.

Since she was recruited, the technical skills Lara Schmidt offered have greatly aided Lt. Sarah Richter and her project to improve light and medium mech design.

Lara Schmidt

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