Ken Tyler


Ken is a miner and Industrialmech pilot working near Argyre on planet Strata.


Name: Ken Tyler
Rank: Industrialmech Pilot
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Mech: Dig-Lord-S6

Miner and industrialmech pilot, a freelancer not contracted to any one mining firm.

Chain of Command:

Ken Tyler was a miner until he was injured in a cave-in and lost both legs. They were replaced with cybernetics, but Ken retrained as a industrialmech pilot rather than risk another mining accident. He has since acquired a Dig-Lord-S6 miningmech and now works as a contractor and a freelancer for hire, he is based in Argyre. The Dig-Lord-S6 is a Strata variant of the standard Dig Lord miningmech.

He is a contact and friend of Jacques Dubois.

Ken Tyler

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