Dr. Jonas Lange

Lyran Lance Medical Officer. Pilots a modified Hatchetman.


Name: Dr. Jonas Lange
Rank: Mechwarrior, Doctor
Sex: Male
Mech: Hatchetman JL3

Medical Officer of a medium battlemech lance Ganzstahl Diplomatie, (Translation: Full Steel Diplomacy) on detached duty from the Lyran embassy to the Strata Institute of Science.

Chain of Command:
Commanding officer: Lt. Sarah Richter.
Subordinate officers: None.

Dr. Jonas Lange was a cadet and field medic assigned to Lt. Samara Hellstrom for the ill fated operation on Oruth. He was forced to eject when his Commando was destroyed, and was badly injured. He was stabilised but without proper medical treatment his injured legs could not be saved.

During his lengthy recovery, and the implantation of cybernetic legs, he pursued his interest in medicine. Jonas Lange finished his studies and graduating to a full doctor before he was physically capable of returning to duty.

Since his injuries, Dr. Jonas Lange has expressed and demonstrated a strong preference for non-lethal weaponry where available (and practical), and has twice disobeyed orders and treated wounded enemy personnel.

It appears that Lt. Sarah Richter’s lance, which Dr. Jonas Lange was assigned to, was specially selected for deployment to Strata after Lt. Samara Hellstrom was reassigned to the planet.

Dr. Jonas Lange is a skilled medtech, surgeon, and cyberneticist. He is highly proficient with melee weapons of all types.

Dr. Jonas Lange

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